The Do’s And Dont’s When Talking To Your Crush

DO: Remember Things She Tells You About Herself

One of the most important things to a woman is to know that her man is listening to her. It’s a simple thing, but it makes her feel appreciated and loved. Let her know that you hear her by either bringing up something she’s mentioned in the past or by asking questions about something she has said, I order to have a deeper conversation.

DON’T: Rely only on teasing her to keep her attention

Guys here’s the thing, girls will eventually think men are cowards if they always hide their feelings behind teasing and at some point, she will want you to man up and tell her things like, “you’re pretty”, “you’re so smart”, or “I like being around you”

DO: Show her your good traits instead of telling her them

Do you like listening to people brag about themselves? of course, you don’t, and neither do women. So instead of bragging and telling her these things, show her, by sending her texts like “I finished my book last week and can’t find a new one, any suggestions?”.

DO: Joke With Her

While it’s important to show her you have a sense of humor, telling inappropriate jokes will make you look like an immature, crude man, but avoid anything that’s racist, sexual, insulting or overly mean.

DON’t: Constantly text back and forth, when you can just call.

As you two get closer, you’ll end up spending less time texting, and more time talking on the phone or physically together in person and at a certain point, a girl will get confused why you’re constantly texting her instead of just calling, so when it’s time, instead of just sending ” What’s up? I am just chilling at home” be a man, pick up the phone and call her.

DON’T: Suddenly Stop Texting Her

We’ve all done it before, you’re walking into the gym, a meeting or a bar to meet a buddy, and you suddenly stop sending text messages, normally this is fine, but if you’ve been quickly texting back and forth, the sudden silence is confusing, especially in the beginning of a relationship, so instead, be a polite, and let her know what’s going on, for example: “just got to the gym, I’ll text you later” and don’t just vanish because women don’t like that.




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