Mistakes You May Commit While Removing Acne

For many acne sufferers, the wide variety of treatments and medications can be confusing. With wrong information, it is easy to commit mistakes and aggravate acne condition. Here are some common acne and blackhead removal mistakes to avoid. Not trying acne treatment long enough Skin may react to products slowly. Acne requires time to heal and improve. Give products at least one month to work and continue to use it if there is any improvement. It is also common to feel a little irritated during the first few days of a treatment. This only means that the product is reacting to the skin. However, these irritations should only be mild, discontinue the use of any products that causes severe side effects.

Over cleaning the skin

Aggravated scrubbing can only worsen acne because it removes the protective skin barrier and can lead to irritation. Use a pH balanced cleanser to clean the face gently. Washing the face more than twice can also strip the skin of its natural oil, making it drier and more susceptible to bacteria.

Trying too many products at once

Trying too many products at once can irritate the skin, especially in products with strong chemicals. Keep your skin regimen clean and simple. Some products also counter act the effects of other treatments. Be sure to consult a dermatologist if you have any serious side effects or want to know more about how a product will affect your skin.

Choosing the wrong products

Harsh cleansers and alcohol based products can worsen acne. People should choose products that do not clog the pores to prevent acne buildup.

Popping and picking acne

Picking on blemishes only prolong its healing process and increases the risk of scarring. Fingers can transfer bacteria to the wound and infect it. This only leads to more swelling. Wait for the pimple to dry out.

Waiting too long to see a dermatologist

Contact a specialist if acne is starting to get out of hand and when treatments do not respond to the acne anymore. Clinics are more equipped to deal with persistent acne and can prescribe stronger medication.

Over-using or under-using medication

Only use medication as instructed. People tend to over use the product in hopes of speeding up its effects, but this will typically just lead to dryness and redness. Some people tend to under use their products because they lose motivation after a few weeks without result. One secret to treating acne is consistency and patience.

Stopping the use of acne products once it clears up

Once acne has subsided, use acne medication less and less rather than abruptly stopping its usage. To keep skin clear and blemish free, people usually have to continue to use one acne product that has been shown to work well for them.