How To Attract 99.9% Of Girls

something that they don’t teach you in school, is the paradox of seduction, I remember growing up, and towards the end of elementary school, all the kids were trying to show off, kids who played soccer on a team liked to announce it in front of the girls, this continued on to the middle of high school, and it was always fascinating to see people trying so hard to win the affection of hot girls, but does that really work ?

In this article, we will be discussing “The wolf spider paradox” the second biggest known paradox known to men, in other words, many men when trying to impress a girl they like, they start trying too hard by putting too much effort, and this is the biggest paradox, when you talk too much, overact, you are just friend-zoning yourself.

Let’s imagine the action-reaction between men and women like a house of cards, to win that, you must place cards sophistically, but when you try to put too much effort, the house of card will crumbling down.

For example, let’s take a guy driving a Porsche, putting a Rolex that he’s trying to show over the window, and he’s passing by a hot girl, yes girls do like money and wealthy men, but the guy in this example will get rejected, why? because with putting too much effort he’s making himself look very needy, and for women, that’s a big turnoff.

For women, what is really important is your mindset, yes being wealthy and attractive is a plus, but with poor mindset you won’t attract any hot girls because they stick into more than your money for a night or a Porshe drive, your mindset is what will make the girl fall for you and love to spend time with you, so invest in your mindset to attract the best relationships.

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