5 Tips On How To Text Your Crush

Who hasn’t struggled to find the best words when talking to their crush? everybody does and the struggle is real! but it’s easier when a girl gives you the best tips to text the girl you like in order to make her fall for you, so don’t skip anything and stick to the end because I always let the best to the ending to make sure you follow all the tips. Let’s get started!

5-The First Impression Matters A lot

Guys, the first texts you send to a girl are so important, because based on these texts she’s going to class you as a friend or as a potential boyfriend, so text her after 24h after getting her number, not the 3 days rule you heard somewhere because it’s bullshit and it will make her think you’re not interested in her, also you must use her name in your first texts and try to remind her of something funny that happened when you met.

4-Text Her The Way She Texts You

For an easy way to figure out how to text this girl, look at how she’s texting you, how many emojis does she use? how long are her texts? how often is she texting you? mirroring how she’s comfortable texting you, is a great, and safe way to text her.

3-Text With A Purpose

Think about it, the whole purpose of texting a girl is to eventually go on a date with her right? so don’t send random, pointless texts, because if the conversation isn’t going anywhere, either she’ll lose interest or she’ll think you’ve lost interest, instead, send texts that compliment her, entertain her, and keep the conversation flowing.

2-Make Her Wait To Hear From You

Because women want a man with better things to do than sit around waiting for her next text, you shouldn’t always immediately text her back, now, this doesn’t mean you should be rude, but give it some time before texting back.

1-Send Her Exiting Pictures Of Your Lifestyle

Alright, guys, this is crucial, a woman crave to be with a man who’s having an exciting lifestyle, it shows to her that you are someone interesting and that she’ll not feel bored when she’s with you, so show her your interests and send her pictures of you doing your manly hobbies





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